Boat length21’ 4” / 6.5 M
Beam98” / 2.48 M
Interior width *81.5” / 2.0 M
Weight4800 LBS / 2177 KG
Fuel capacity51 G / 193 L
Draft29” / .73 M
Capacity2000 LBS / 907 KG
* Interior Width is measured from fiberglass inner gunnel to fiberglass inner gunnel.
** Boat Height specs reflect the height of a ZFT4 tower to the lowest point of the boat's running gear.

Start with one of the best-selling and most versatile performance towboats of all time, the X10. Take what’s greatest from it, update everything with the latest—and you have our newest addition to MasterCraft’s crossover-first XT series, the XT21. Classic styling and a midsize length right in the sweet spot meet cutting-edge performance across every sport. There’s room for 14 to wakeboard, surf, ski, tube and cruise all day, all summer. Have it all in the XT21.