Gelcoat Repair

We are stoked to be offering you, our customer, in-house fiberglass and gelcoat repair right here in Charlotte. Our new gelcoat repair shop is fully equipped and ready to make your boat look as good as new. Our team of factory trained technicians can fix anything from a small scratch to larger damage that requires fiberglass repair. So stick with a company you can trust, we back all our repairs for years to come. We don’t just repair MasterCrafts either, our technicians can perform gelcoat and fiberglass repair on all brands. We understand that you hate not having your boat for long periods of time, our technicians are able to quickly provide a high-quality repair. Additionally, our facility is also able to perform insurance work on your boat. To setup your gelcoat or fiberglass repair appointment give us a call or click the button at the bottom of the page.

Gelcoat Refinishing
Gelcoat Repair

About the Process

Each fiberglass and gelcoat repair varies depending on the type and severity of the damage. Generally a complete repair will consist of a six step process. For deeper and more severe damage the excess fiberglass must be removed from the region through grinding. This provides a superior repair that will last for years to come without the risk of chipping or falling out. Next, to fill these deep gouges we use a high strength marine grade resin. After that to make sure the repair looks seamless we take our time when color matching your gelcoat. Once we have sprayed the color and are happy with it we will add layers of gel. The purpose of the gel is to protect the freshly sprayed color from the elements and abuse from general use. To finish off the process we begin by wet sanding the region to remove any high spots from the hull. Finally, we remove any sanding marks by thoroughly polishing the region.

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